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October 11, 2013
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Casey and Sully: deleted scenes by MaripazVillar Casey and Sully: deleted scenes by MaripazVillar
Yes, basically a sketchdump. :iconbrightfutureplz: And this is it.

:iconginsenseipointsuplz: Don't you know who these kids are? Don't worry, you'll find their little love story here:

And then:…
And finally:…

:iconargifttieplz: EXTRA BONUS: If the pictures are not enough, you can also read the story of Casey and Sully, written by ~princesswanderer, who translates my sketches into touching words. Enjoy:

In the picture where they are in winter wear: Casey and Sully had a snowball fight and for once Sully beat Casey at something. She was a little ruffled at being beaten and started complaining that she only lost because she was so darn cold. Sully took that as an opportunity to "warm her up"

In the scissors picture: Kindergarten, Casey stole the teacher's "big kid" scissors and at recess she decides that she like Sully's hair and the that they should "trade hair" by cutting each others hair off and then wearing each other's hair like a wig. Sully luckily decides that he likes Casey's hair on her head only and they only came away with a lopsided trims and trade a single lock of hair before they were caught. The scissor drawer from then on was locked and Casey and Sully were not allowed to even use kiddie scissors anymore, but both still have the locks of hair they cut.

Inside the treehouse picture: They had been napping on top of each other and while Casey was still asleep Sully had removed her hat to fiddle with her hair. Sully wakes up to having his music ripped out his ear and Casey overtop of him. Considering he just woke up, well..... his jeans were a little...tight, if you know what I mean. Casey overtop of him wasn't helping his situation.

"Where's my hat?" Casey was not happy to wake and find her lucky hat missing.

"I..umm..I," Sully was too flustered with Casey's anger and his own horniness to answer coherently.

"Did you take my hat? Hmmmm, did you, Mister Sullivan David Quest?"

"Well, yes, but only because I wanted to... Yes," Casey was most definitely not asking for excuses, "I love you!" he added defensively, hoping that would defuse her anger a bit.

It worked. Casey looked conflicted and grumbled. Then, she kissed him. Sully sat up and Casey straddled him. Sully felt high off the taste of her lips and the bit of horniness he had felt had multiplied. Sully's hand searched the ground for Casey's hat and when he felt it he plopped the hat on her head. Casey broke away eyes looking straight up as if she might be able to see the top of her head. Sully took a breathe of relief. Had that kiss continued, he thought he might go crazy and tear off her clothes right here in the treehouse. Casey just flipped the bill of her hat to the side and kissed Sully's forehead and sat down next to him again. Ordinary day really.
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